New father. Lovely 20 day old baby boy

Starting a blog as a new father to help me reflect on my new adventure in to fatherhood! Will talk about the activities I do with my son, the sleepless nights, my concerns, and happiness.

Last night. So my baby boy Alex had a restless night last night. I thought I had it aced with calming him down during the night when he had a bad dream and then putting him back to bed in the next bed but I was wrong. Must have only had two hours sleep last night. That’s when I decided to right a blog.

Midwife. Due to my baby having unplanned weight loss the midwife team coming in ever day, this increased the worry on my wife and I especially as we were trying to document everything he did to help the midwife work out the best care plan. Thankfully I believe he is improving but will have to see if he has gained weight back to his birth weight tomorrow, 21 days after his birth.

In Teesside there has been an increase in Non Accidental Head Injury (NAHI) cases in infants.

Midwife. The old term was Shaken baby Syndrome. Sadly it is on the increase in Teesside due to Covid-19. If you have concerns please contact the NSPCC for support.

CMI. Insight. 12 Sep 19.

Article. Discussing.

Reporting discrimination at work: what crosses the line?

You may have been in uncomfortable exchanges that leave you wondering if it’s discrimination or just banter gone wrong – but when should you inform your manager?

2010 Equality Act is what underpins this discussion.

Ableism. I liked the article as it discussed simply about reasonable adjustment with wider access, accessible cupboards, and also discussed ADHD. Common sense about talking through things privately but amazed how many managers fail at this repeatedly. – allowing them more time to complete tasks, regular check-in points, and flexibility to working from home.

Sexism. The rise of everyday sexism in my career. This happens to men in female dominated environments. I am sorry to hear – in many organisations, female managers continue to experience sexism in their workplace.

Racism. I have seen more positive discrimination where my place of works tries to fill quotes in job roles. I believe this will fail a company. An individual should be picked on their attributes not on their race. Even yearly reports and promotion should not be bent out of shape due to race.

Never make someone feel uncomfortable.

Reflect and report to HR if being discriminated because of my ethnicity, or if I have witnessed such behaviour.

Approach the manager or HR department with this document, alongside any other supporting evidence.

Steps not resolve the conflict, get in touch with ACAS to submit an Early Conciliation Notification form and get in touch with Citizens Advice.